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“Come with an open mind. This is something truly new and exciting.”
-EQmentor Client






What makes EQmentor unique?

Multiple Sources of Learning - At EQmentor, you can learn from (i) a mentor (ii) a cross-industry community of professionals and (iii) high-quality knowledge sources like case studies, articles, and company data. Any combination of these learning sources, available 24/7 facilitates better critical thinking and decision-making.

Extended Learning - Mentoring with EQmentor is asynchronous and lasts a full year. This facilitates capturing more learning moments as they naturally occur and increases the chances of converting them into “aha” moments. Learning is not based on hypothetical case studies or scenarios but on real-life situations at the time they are occurring. The year-long model allows for substantive relationships to develop, and is the only proven way to sustain high performance.

Asynchronous Communication –This addresses two critical issues: (i) It allows EQmentor to find the best mentors irrespective of where the mentee lives, and (ii) it addresses the #1 reason that working professionals say they do not learn at work–timing and scheduling.

Complete Anonymity and Confidentiality - Our custom-built online EQlearning room allows EQmentor mentors and mentees to remain anonymous. They know everything about each other, except for each other’s last names and contact information. This capability allows for emotionally safe, truthful, free-of-retribution, unbiased and non-judgmental communication, collaboration and creativity.

Customized Mentor-Mentee Matching Process - EQmentor boasts the industry’s most sophisticated matching algorithm that match mentees to mentors using key characteristics such as vocation, personality, EQ, and years of experience.  This ensures that the relationship has optimal chances for long-term success.

Seasoned, Certified Mentors - Our industry-leading comprehensive screening, education, training, certification, and matching process ensure our clients of the highest quality mentor-mentee relationship. Our mentors have had successful professional careers and are genuinely interested in helping others grow and develop.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips -Not every workplace learning moment requires a dialogue with a mentor. EQmentor provides its subscribers with access to over 300 custom-designed online EQ learning tools and unlimited access to a repository of over 9,000 professional peer-reviewed publications, articles, books, white papers, videos, and research support. Our built-in search engine generates only one page of results, as opposed to hundreds, and all the content on the one page is the latest and highest quality.

EQ Village, a Community of Working Professionals - EQ Village is one the few global cross-industry collaboration communities enabling open, unbiased, non-judgmental collaboration.  The custom-built work area fosters a community which enables unprecedented depths of personal and professional sharing–the perfect complement to a one-on-one mentoring relationship.

Honor Code - EQmentor's Honor Code requires members maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Learn - When You Need It! - Mentees have access to their personal mentor and to the EQ Village community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! EQmentor members are actively learning at anytime and from anywhere.

EQmentor vs. Training/Coaching

Training Goal Competency in a single topic selected for the entire group Established specific and/or immediate need Mentoring and enhancing EQ
Focus One size fits all Several sizes fits all Based on changing daily needs
Time Frame Short-term, scheduled Short to intermediate term, scheduled Long term, when you need it
Relationship Provider-client, public Provider client, varying degrees of privacy Trusting, confidential
Location of
Classroom Face-to-face, some online Online - Confidential, Anonymous
Experience of
Typically limited to topic Varies Same industry or vocation
Motive of Facilitator job; employment job; employment Vocation; a calling
Other Learning None outside training None outside coaching EQ Village - community of cross-industry working professionals
Learner's Contribution Limited participation Intermittent Fully engaged
Metaphor Vaccination Treatment plan Wellness plan
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