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“EQmentor does an outstanding job of matching our talented young managers with well-experienced executive mentors in a trust-based and completely candid environment. Our participants have told us this is a highly-valued development tool which allows them to get timely feedback on issues and take immediate action to improve personal and overall business performance. We’d recommend EQmentor to any organization that is willing to make a serious commitment to the development of their workforce.”
-Bob Zierk, VP of Human Resources, Black & Decker


EQmentor is the first company to statistically demonstrate an increase in EQ through its program. EQmentor mentees show an average increase of 17 points in their EQ scores between their pre and post assessments. To put that into context, other studies have shown that the average adult increases their EQ by just 3 points a year when processing the cumulative experiences that they have had during that one year. Said in another way, essentially, we can grow (mature) people 6 times faster than they otherwise would in a year. EQmentor is the only professional development company in the world that has shown a statistically validated increase in EQ! Dozens of other studies have already shown a positive correlation between high EQ and various performance metrics such as higher sales, higher productivity, higher employee engagement, customer satisfaction, etc. This is quite possibly the most significant measured improvement in the professional development space in decades.

Read our ROI study. See how we measure our ROI to realize quantitative results and qualitative results.

“I have used EQmentor for my managers. The performance of our people is critical to our business. I saw marked and visible improvement in the people enrolled with EQmentor and requests for renewal. I would highly recommend EQmentor for any business leader who wants to maximize the potential of the talent in their group.”  Dana E. Frank, Business Consulting, Kaiser Permanente

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The leaders at an organization set the tone and culture for interpersonal interaction. The leader’s EQ affects their team’s emotions and behavior. Such emotional contagion travels down the chain in an organization, ultimately affecting your customer’s emotions and buying behavior to affect your bottom line.


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